• Growing Sustainable Wine

    Sustainable wine-growing practices protect our soil, air and water – elements that breathe life, and ultimately flavour, into our grapes and wines. Being good stewards of the land and good neighbours are principles our wineries and vineyards live by each and every day. Adopting environmentally and socially responsible practices and making them an integral part of how we do business is our way of ensuring the health of our land, our communities and our industry for generations to come.

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  • When is a vineyard ready for harvest?

    There’s a great deal of exact science involved in winemaking, but when it comes to identifying the optimum time to pick grapes there’s no magical equation because there are so many individual factors to consider. Traditionally, some winemakers subscribed to the idea that grapes would be ready for picking 100 days after the onset of flowering, but these days a combination of new technology, evolving tastes and a changing climate means picking can begin at any time during the general harvest season window. Here’s how the pros know when it’s time to strike.

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  • Wine Fermentation Process

    Fermentation is the process by which grape “must” (a fancy winemaking term for unfermented grapes or juice) transforms into wine. During fermentation, yeast—our microbiological friends—convert grape sugars into alcohol. There’s a lot more than just alcohol production going on, though. Fermentation drives complex chemical reactions that affect the flavor, aroma, and even color of the finished wine.

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